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The concept and need to start a larger EU wide base support structure for the Sechelles - Seychellois community began beneath the panoramic Salzburg Castle where we lived. Even before the Revolution, with impute from Travel agents, undergraduates, news paper editor, church members, friends. The Von Oswald family lived there owners of Pirates Arms, some of those that attended the Festivals. It was in Salzburg we learnt of the topelling of Sir James Mancham Government 5th June 1977, in London to attend the Commonwealth Conference.

We moved to Vienna that Autumn with the embryo of the concept and resided opposite the Kurrier Press, many in Vienna knew our past colonial history, the officials knew a great deal more. With the involvement of business associates, media personalities, politicians, diplomats, academecians, tour operators, church, philanthropic minded individuals - contributions from the archaic establishments, we began building a wider and long term EU community foundation. We travelled to Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland. Where we met many who were interested in our issues and exile plight. We encountered several compatriots and worked to this end. The idea for a coat of Arms, emblem started in Vienna. We were compelled to seek exile in London 1981 from Strassbourg.

In London with the Exile Opposition, explained that the long term stability for our politic and Seychelles lies in the EU institutions. ~We used the experience to set up UKSCA and undertake substantial voluntary work. In November 1985 when the Opposition Leader Mr Gérard Hoarau was assasinated, we were approached to put together an Exile return program titled SIROP requiring $500 - $800 millions. This we did with the networks we had built in EU, global, we networked importantly with COMECON nations too. In 1991 the exile Leadership except us returned to Sechelles - Seychelles and the 3rd Republic was called. To continue the momentum we travelled to Holland, Berlin and Luxumburg too. On account of grave dishonesty, misrepresentation among the returning exiles, dishonesty by Western governments and its institutions, they were unable to change the country as envisaged.

After events of 1991, it was decided to restructure indepth our EU Community activities to support and bolster long term and stabler democracy, economic and social process in Sechelles - Seychelles. The affairs of our communities are manage by families, philantropic minded individuals, business groups, supported by important institutions across the EU & volunteers. Differentiate from the
Republic of Seychelles diplomatic representation in EU.

Under the banner of fecas-ecsvs, the Conseil - we did some historic work, build support with leading aspects of EU establishment whereby the Seychellois Community in EU be given the rights to manage their ancestral archaic and european heritage. Supporting democratic process in Seychelles.

Given our nation important link with the former COMECON nations fecas-ecsvs decided to enhance this friendship and networks